Bare feet- children at Stawley Pre-school, near Wellington enjoying the garden.

Dedicated Preschool Staff

A member of staff looks at something in the garden with a group of children.

At Stawley Preschool, we have a highly qualified, experienced team of staff, who continually strive to improve their practice to provide the best possible early years experience for our children.

Unlike most other pre-schools, Stawley is managed by a qualified and experienced teacher, with a specialism in Early Years.


Children search for bugs in the garden.

At Stawley Preschool, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, the curriculum set out by the government for Early Years Providers. 

Children are at the heart of everything we do. We scaffold children's self-chosen play to build on their skills and knowledge in a way that truly means something to them. 

Our Mission

A boy plays with loose parts to make a domino rally.

It is our mission to ensure that children at Stawley Preschool are safe, happy and immersed in an environment which enables them to explore and learn at their own level.  We encourage and develop skills including independence, questioning, curiousity, resilience and risk-taking in order to give children the strongest foundation for learning possible.

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